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Individual Service

The following range of services guarantee tailor-made solutions for your business travel needs.

Flights, Hotels, Car rentals and Rail

The specialists at your Business Plus Lufthansa City Center will take care of all the tasks associated with advising on, reserving, confirming, rebooking and cancelling flights with all airlines.

LCC24h Service

In addition to our direct service hours, a global 24-hour emergency number is available for you throughout the world. You will be able to reach trained travel agents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – for reservations or rebookings at short notice. You can also obtain additional information about customs and visa regulations.

LCC Reporting

We monitor your company’s budget and travel activities continuously and support you in optimising your travel allocation. We provide various management information systems for your controlling operations and thereby help you to arrange your travel systems more transparently, from both an organisational and a financial point of view. Complete transparency of travel costs helps you to identify potential savings quickly. A web-based evaluation tool is available to you on request to provide you with an overview of your travel payments wherever and whenever you need it.

LCC Account Management

In addition to operational support, we offer key account management services – above all when a company requires professional assistance with one or more locations, nationally or internationally. For this purpose, the customer is allocated a personal account manager who takes care of everything. They arrange initial contacts and act as an interface to all Lufthansa City Center partners. Their main roles consist of monitoring service quality and adapting it to changing customer requirements, and applying and evaluating the management information system. The account manager is your consultant when it comes to optimising travel-related internal processes and is responsible for negotiations with service providers. Checking all agreements between the customer and the Business Plus Lufthansa City Center also falls within their scope of duties.