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Technology tailor-made for you

With these products, we ensure smooth business travel.

LCC Online Booking

Travel booking at any time. With a partner who will take care of you.

  • Round-the-clock bookings for standard routes
  • Easy to use
  • Fast booking process
  • Searching for vacancies and prices in real time
  • Integration into the company’s processes on request

LCC Travel Portal

Access to travel-related information at any time. With a partner who makes travel processes transparent.

  • Simple integration into the company’s processes
  • Full range of information at a glance
  • Bundling of relevant information, such as travel policy, preferred service providers, direct booking options and procedures for internal travel expense claims
  • Scope of services can be adapted flexibly

LCC Profile

Customers gain insights. With a partner who knows your travellers’ “needs”

  • Professional web-based profile databases
  • Storage of the most important preferences and information
  • Independent of reservation systems

LCC Travelinfo

Keep your destination in sight. With a partner who knows your destination.

  • Access to travel details whenever and wherever you require them via the Internet at
  • Display of the latest status of flight, hotel and car rental reservations
  • Useful information such as weather forecasts and restaurant tips
  • Location finder for all Lufthansa City Center locations throughout the world

LCC Travel Expense

Process travel expenses. With a partner who can simplify your procedures.

  • Joint responsibility for handling travel expense claims with partner companies
  • Reduction of process costs by outsourcing and combination of the latest technology with our expertise

LCC Feedback

Respond consistently. With a partner who takes customers’ needs seriously.

  • Management of feedback and criticism in a central system
  • Detailed evaluation options
  • Providing the travel management and individual key account manager with helpful information